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Cross Training and Tonic/Dominant Scales for Tuba
with Piano Accompaniment CD
Compiled by: Alan Baer
Piano Accompaniment by: Noreen Baer
Price: $16.00 USD

Two books in one! The Tonic/Dominant book is a scale series with a simple piano accompaniment on CD that will allow the use of any key tuba to work intonation, articulation, and finger dexterity.The Cross Training book is a complete scale and arpeggio routine to build a solid foundation in rhythm, range, finger dexterity, and flexibility. A must for every tuba player at all levels.

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Canzonetta for Tuba and Piano
P. Tchaikovsky, arr. Noreen Baer
Price: $8.50 USD

This five minute piece is from the second movement of Tchaikovsky's beautiful violin concerto.
Also available for trombone and euphonium.

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O Sacrum Convivium for 5-Part Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble
Andrea Gabrieli, trans. Noreen Baer
Price: $10.00 USD

Andrea Gabrieli, Uncle of Giovanni Gabrieli, was a singer and then organist at St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice for 20 years before Giovanni took over. He was well known at the time for his motet writing. "O Sacrum Convivium", or O Sacred Banquet, is a traditional prayer honoring the Blessed Sacrament.

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Waltz and Mazurka in A Minor for Tuba and Piano
F. Chopin, arr. Noreen Baer
Price: $16.50 USD

This Waltz, as heard on the CD "Song and Dance", is energetic and flowing, while the Mazurka has a romantic and lilting feel with plenty of room for rubato.

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